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Getting a home inspected prior to listing it allows the seller to make any necessary repairs before the sale. This can help earn higher offers for the home and streamline the home buying process.
For example, if a home is being sold in a sellers’ market, the seller may be entertaining multiple offers. If they have their home inspected prior to listing it’s much more likely they’ll receive an offer that’s not contingent on a home inspection, which speeds up the buying process. This allows the seller to focus on other terms, such as closing dates and sales price.
In a buyer’s market, however, it’s not uncommon for homes to sit for 3-6 months before sellers receive an offer. Once an offer is received there’s a risk the buyer could become wary if issues arise during their home inspection, which means the seller may be waiting another 3-6 months for the next potential buyer. On the other hand, if the seller gets an inspection before listing the home, they can repair the items uncovered during the inspection or simply disclose those defects. Buyers tend to perceive issues or defects better when they are aware of them upfront.

Pre-listing Home Inspection: Rental Process
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